Pope Francis, Globalist Aspirations & Anti Christ

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Pope Francis' AntiChrist Ideas

Pope Francis addressed the World Bank & International Monetary Fund on April 8.

He mentioned God once – in the last line of his letter.

Instead, Francis focused on calling for “a system of global government which would implement a new societal order BASED UPON CLIMATE CHANGE POLICIES AND UNIVERSAL VACCINATION.” (Life Site News, emphasis mine).

This pope is part of the globalist community.

Globalists have no room for nationalism.

The political left seeks to bring America to its knees, crushing nationalism. Nationalism stands in their way of a globalist utopia that must have centralized, totalitarian control.

Many American corporations are run by technocratic globalists. They have no loyalty to America – or to Americans. Their loyalty is to the globalist ideal, which is the spirit of Anti-Christ.

  1. Barbara and Richard Dumke

    We agree this sounds like green peace rather than trusting God. Secular humanism. Signs of the last days.

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