Parents: Beware of the False Morality of the Woke Movement!

What is the woke movement doing to our kids?

Are you a “Woke” parent, or an “Awakened” parent?

FYI: “Woke” parents will lead to broken kids.

  • Broken in their identity.
  • Broken in their values.
  • Broken in their relationships.
  • Broken in their sexuality.
  • Broken in their faith.
  • Broken in their future.  (Paraphrased from Samuel Dueth)

​A “Woke” parent is “A-Wokened” to the false morality of a broken world.  They allow their kids to be indoctrinated into these falsehoods.

An “Awakened” parent is one who is quickened by the Spirit of God, endeavors to know the wisdom of the Bible, and diligently imparts that wisdom to their children.  

They also see that their children are raised in a sound, Bible-believing church that teaches them the truth of the Word of God, so as to build a strong foundation in their lives.

Which kind of parent are you going to be?

Learn more from Pastor Randy’s message below on the difference between being AWAKENED or being AWOKENED. Yes, there is a big difference, and knowing how to discern it will make all the difference in the world for you and those you love.

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  1. Karla

    Hi, Iam a Non~Woke Parent and my tummy is so sick after seeing what’s going on in the state of Virginia within their schools. Dear Father God help our children: Help parents this move is destroying our Children. It’s Sick.
    My daughter is now 38. Was in church as a baby and grew up being very active in Our Church. She was on fire for God. In High School, a older girl slammed her up against lockers and kissed her, and to this day she is Gay. I refuse to accept and for sure not Condon what she knows in a SIN. SO, it’s been 4 yrs since I’ve seen her. My heart is so broken as we have always been so very close, I wonder if these LgBGt realize they are a big part of this SICKness within our babies.
    There are preachers that have gay children as well. This is an EVIL SPIRIT.

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