Renew Church Praise & Worship

Here at Renew Church, we believe that praise and worship songs are a great way to bring our focus solely on God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son through the Holy Spirit.

Our worship leaders choose Christian songs with lyrics that point to God and His goodness. As you listen to the worship music below, focus on who God is and what that means for you.

Use this time to reflect on His perfect love; whether you choose to pour out praises to Him vocally by singing along, or by quietly meditating on what each song says about God.


Marlyn Tiberg

Scott Jensen

Myah Salinas

Ann Luckow

Abby Malchek

Kendra Mahuna

LeeAnn Pond

Tina Salinas

Natalie Salinas


Sue Lodel (Keys)

Paul Streubel (Drums)

Ramsey Meyer (Bass Guitar)

Nathan Luckow (Keys)

Alegra Voelker (Keys)

Talia Musial (Bass Guitar)

Sound Mixers:

Christy Hartmann

Jeff Mahuna

Tomas Salinas

Camera Operators:

Mark Hartmann

Nathan Luckow

Talia Musial

Stage Graphics:

Heidi Soodsma

Nathan Luckow

Natalie Salinas

Tomas Salinas